Mnet’s “Kingdom” Confirms TVXQ’s Yunho Will Step Down From His MC Position Following His Recent Controversy

He voluntarily stepped down.

Mnet‘s Kingdom has confirmed TVXQ‘s Yunho will step down from his MC position on the show following his recent controversy.

Mnet released their official statement on Yunho’s participation on Kingdom, stating that Yunho will be absent from the show until the police investigation results are released.

Mnet was informed by SM Entertainment that Yunho would voluntarily drop out from his MC position on Kingdom until the police investigation results for his current case are released.

Mnet has decided to proceed with the next MC filming with only Changmin. Regarding the parts where Yunho has already filmed, we will edit it accordingly to focus on his role as a host.

— Mnet

Earlier, MBC accused Yunho of breaking Korea’s social distancing guidelines and drinking at an illegal adult entertainment establishment. SM Entertainment denied the report regarding the illegal adult entertainment establishment, however, acknowledged he did break the social distancing rules.

Source: Mydaily