MNH Entertainment’s Girl Group BVNDIT Has Officially Disbanded

They have disbanded after just three years.

MNH Entertainment‘s girl group BVNDIT has officially disbanded after the company terminated the girl group’s contracts.

In an official statement shared by MNH Entertainment to media outlet Mydaily, MNH Entertainment shared the news.

Hello, this is MNH Entertainment.

First of all, thank you to the fans who have loved and supported BVNDIT.

After in-depth discussions with the BVNDIT members, it was decided that BVNDIT’s contracts would be terminated at the end of October 2022.

The members have decided to support each other’s futures and new beginnings and we would also like to support their future endeavors.

Thank you again for your support this whole time. We sincerely apologize to the fans who loved BVNDIT for the sudden news.

Please continue to encourage and support the BVNDIT members who are going to make their new start.

Thank you.

— MNH Entertainment

BVNDIT debuted in April 2019 as MNH Entertainment’s first girl group. They released three mini-albums and a single album during their time as a group.

Source: Mydaily
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