MOAs Raise Concerns For TXT’s Safety After A Man Runs Towards Them At Dallas Concert

He ran after members multiple times throughout it.

TXT is currently in the United States for their 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT : LOVE SICK.

From left: TXT’s Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Hueningkai, Soobin, and Taehyun in Dallas, Texas. | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

While the group is halfway through the tour dates now, MOAs (TXT’s fans) have expressed concerns since the beginning.

Since the start, MOAs have been displeased about the concert venue choices. Despite TXT no longer being rookies, most venues were smaller than hoped.

Then they were also disturbed by the gruesome schedule. It leaves them little time to rest.

July 2-3 Korea concert, July 7 Chicago concert, July 9 New York concert, July 12 Atlanta concert, July 14 Dallas concert, July 17 Houston concert, July 21 San Fransisco concert, July 23-24 Los Angeles concert, July 30 Lollapalooza, August 20 Osaka, August 21 Tokyo, September 3-4 Osaka, September 7-8 Chiba, October 12 Jakarta, October 15-16 Manila, October 19 Taipei, October 22-23 Bangkok.

— Netizen comment

  • They need to strike when the iron’s hot… They aren’t rookies anymore… They need to step out and establish themselves… As physically taxing as it will be, I just hope they aren’t tired mentally.
  • BTS was performing similarly hard schedules back then ㅠㅠ.
  • To be honest popular groups had been touring like this for a couple of years before the pandemic.
  • If you add their Japanese and Korean comebacks, TXT seem to be working all the time.
  • HYBE isn’t crazy. They need to perform overseas to get more exposure… BTS did more at their stage… You won’t get big staying inside the country, and you need to go out to get more fans… You should enjoy them while you can.

If MOAs weren’t concerned for TXT’s health already, the group also interacts with the audience at their shows, and many attendees have gone without masks despite COVID-19 cases still being high.

Recently, there was controversy in the Stray Kids fandom concerning this topic. Shortly after they began their tour in the U.S., three members tested positive, and many Stays (Stray Kids fans) felt like it was due to a large number of maskless attendees.

Consequently, two concerts immediately were postponed. Considering others travel, this caused frustration for many.

Whether it was due to the schedule or another reason, Beomgyu became unwell just as MOAs feared. He had to leave the Atlanta concert at one point.


This is Big Hit Music.

We would like to provide you with information on the status of TOMORROW X TOGETER member Beomgyu’s health and his future schedule.

Beomgyu started feeling unwell on July 11 while on tour in the United States and subsequently sought consultation from a local doctor. He received the medical opinion that going on with the concerts as planned would be possible, and Beomgyu accordingly took part in the Atlanta show today. However, he stepped away during some parts of the concert as he was not fully recovered.

Beomgyu is currently getting some rest after the Atlanta show and will focus on recovering his condition and health.

While the artist himself strongly wishes to participate in all future tour schedules, we are prioritizing his health above all and will approach his participation in the rest of the U.S. tour with necessary flexibility and caution.

We will continue to support Beomgyu in his rapid recovery so that he can perform in front of fans again soon.

Thank you.


Even before the tour started, Beomgyu had received death threats along with Hueningkai via Weverse.

Fans Are Concerned By Disturbing Comments And Death Threats Towards TXT’s Beomgyu and Huening Kai

So, naturally, MOAs couldn’t help but be extra cautious and concerned when they noticed a man repeatedly approach TXT during their recent concert.

Videos have been circulating and going viral on social media from TXT’s Dallas, Texas, concert on July 14 at Texas Trust CU Theatre. In it, a man can be seen not just approaching the stage…

He literally went on the stage and attempted to interact with the members. Naturally, MOAs are disturbed that he was able to get that far.


he just wanted a high five from soobin 🤭 #taehyunschanclasss

♬ original sound – gerald fitz

Besides this, the same man chased Hueningkai when they went out into the audience. In the video of the moment, security is seen walking around, but the man in question still got uncomfortably close to Hueningkai.

MOAs find the lack of initiative and conscientiousness from security problematic and hypocritical considering how fans are treated over other things, such as recording.

Considering the prior threats, the fact that anyone would approach TXT multiple times throughout their concert is especially concerning.

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