This Model From “Taste Of Love 2” Is Becoming Popular As Red Velvet Irene’s Doppelgänger

Do you agree that they look alike?

Model Lee Chae Eun appeared on Taste Of Love 2 as the blind date for actor Oh Chang Seok.


As the two were getting to know each other, the MC panel claimed that she looked like Red Velvet‘s Irene!


Upon closer look, the two do share some similar aspects such as big eyes that end with a sharp tail, small yet well-defined nose, and a cute smile!


Many of Lee Chae Eun’s selfie closely resembles Irene’s selfie as well!


Thanks to her recent appearance, she’s been recently dubbed another doppelganger for Irene. Irene’s had multiple TV personalities and celebrities who’ve been dubbed her doppelganger as her visuals ranked one of the most perfect faces in Korea!


Lee Chae Eun was originally a Kindergarten teacher but soon switched her career to modeling after being cast for her visuals!


Do you agree that Lee Chae Eun and Irene share a similar look?


Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of this beautiful goddess soon!


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Check out Lee Chae Eun’s episode below:

Source: Hankyung and Star Today

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