MOMOLAND Turns 3 But Fans Are Confused As To Why There Are Only 7 Members

Congrats to the group!

MLD Entertainment posted a congratulatory message to celebrate MOMOLAND’s third anniversary since debut on Twitter. The message reads, “Congratulations, MOMOLAND 3rd ANNIVERSARY. MOMOLAND turns three today! Thank you to fans for supporting us during the past three years. We hope that we can all stay together forever!”




The photo, however, revealed only seven members of the group, making fans confused as to where the other two members were.






Fans are demanding the return of Daisy and Taeha, stating that MOMOLAND is not the same without all 9 members.







Daisy and Taeha have been on a hiatus from the group since March for reasons undisclosed. Fans are still waiting for a response from their agency. Recently, Daisy’s mother posted a comment online, worrying fans about their well-being. MLD Entertainment still has yet to provide a statement regarding these two members.