MOMOLAND Donate 5 Million Won Worth Of Feminine Hygiene Products To Help Women In Need

MOMOLAND have once again shown they have the biggest hearts:

MOMOLAND have shown once again just how big their hearts really are!

At the Yeongdeungpo-gu office on June 26, MOMOLAND attended a donation delivery event where they presented a major donation to women in need.

To support multicultural families in the district, MOMOLAND donated ₩5 million KRW (approximately $4,150 USD) worth of women’s hygiene products which amounted to over 1,500 packages!

The feminine products they donated were from Korea’s first organic sanitary pad brand On A Precious Day who previously announced MOMOLAND as their exclusive models.

Seeing MOMOLAND help women and girls in need has been warming hearts everywhere but this certainly isn’t the first time that MOMOLAND have actively helped those in need. In the past, they’ve donated all of their showcase proceeds to charity, helped fight hunger, and donated their concert earnings to help children. This year alone, they donated approximately 2,600 pounds (1,180 kilograms) of rice and ₩100 million KRW (approximately $83,000 USD) worth of antibacterial face mask packs.

MOMOLAND truly have hearts of gold!

Source: News 1 and 10Asia