MONSTA X Bowed Down To Their Monbebes After Winning #1 On “The Show”

They showed their love for their fans.

On November 5, 2019, MONSTA X took home a music show win on “The Show” with their latest title track “FOLLOW.”

This is the group’s first music win after Wonho‘s departure from the group and Shownu‘s nude photos controversy. As the boys have been under immense stress and pressure following the scandals as well as promoting, MONBEBEs noticed that the boys looked nervous as they accepted the award. Still, Jooheon made sure to reassure fans that MONSTA X is okay and will work even harder in their thank-you speech.

We will become a MONSTA X that gets up even after falling down.

After their speech, the boys huddled together, wrapping their arms together, proving that the team will always be united.

As the boys did their encore stage, they decided to show off how much they appreciated the fans by doing getting down to their knees and bowing to them. This is seen as showing their fans the highest amount of respect, proving that they have and will always cherish the love their fans have given them.

Congratulations, MONSTA X!

Source: TheQoo