MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Pens Touching Letter To Fans Regarding Enlistment

We wish him all the best.

Starship Entertainment previously announced that MONSTA X’s Hyungwon will be enlisting in the military on November 14, 2023. He spoke to fans about the news in a touching handwritten letter.

Monbebe, hello.

Out of all the posts I’ve written before, this is the one that makes me feel the strangest. I will be enlisting on November 14. Seeing the other members’ enlistments, I’ve already prepared myself. Hence, rather than feeling like it is a pity, I’m more relieved. I think Monbebe are more worried about me than I am. Monbebe are worried I’ll fly away whenever the wind blows, but it is my goal that when I come back, I’ll become more reliable and sturdy such that I’ll be able to block the wind for you. I think because you guys have helped me grow all this while, I’ll be able to healthily withstand all of this even if we are apart for a short while. I really wanted to say thank you for that.
I love you so much and I’m grateful. I’m going to try to become someone who can better repay your love when I come back. So you guys have to be well and healthy in the mean time. I truly hope it’ll be so. And I get discharged in May 13 apparently. I’m already so thrilled at being able to meet Monbebe on that day. Let’s greet each other with smiles then. I love you Monbebe.

— Hyungwon

Hyungwon will be enlisting in a private ceremony on November 14, 2023. We wish him all the best for his enlistment.

Source: Spot TV