Lee Young Ji Wasn’t Prepared For Drinking With MONSTA X’s Hyungwon In “My Alcohol Diary”

She knew he was good at drinking, but…

Lee Young Ji was already flustered when MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon arrived to film her hilarious series My Alcohol Diary. Starting from his appearance on the intercom screen, Lee Young Ji continually jokes about Hyungwon’s visuals, unable to process them.

But besides his visuals, Lee Young Ji was shocked by how different Hyungwon was from her previous guests. Although the soloist admits that she purposely invited Hyungwon because comments suggested he had a high drinking tolerance…

Lee Young Ji: I asked people to suggest to me who is strong at drinking and people suggest you the most.

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Hyungwon initially denied his tolerance being anything unusual, as both he and Lee Young Ji claim to drink about the same amount.

Hyungwon: I am not that good at drinking. How much can you drink?

Lee Young Ji: I never tried reaching my limit.

Hyungwon: Oh, you just drink continuously?

Lee Young Ji: Yeah, I just continuously drink. I can drink around one to two bottles.

Hyungwon: Yeah, the ideal amount for me is one and a half bottles of soju.

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But as the episode progresses, even though Hyungwon keeps losing at rock, paper, scissors, and drinking more…

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Lee Young Ji starts to get drunk while Hyungwon seems entirely unbothered.

Lee Young Ji: I think something is wrong.

Hyungwon: What? Drinks?

Lee Young Ji: No, this situation.

Hyungwon: Our situation? Why?

Lee Young Ji: I am so drunk. I got drunk so suddenly. Are you fine?

Hyungwon: Yeah, I am totally fine.

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Lee Young Ji even calls Hyungwon out for having “lied” about his tolerance.

Lee Young Ji: You are such a liar.

Hyungwon: Me? Why?

Lee Young Ji: You told me that you can only handle one and a half bottles. Why are you so strong at drinking?

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And explains that his friend, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, was “knocked down 15 minutes after [arriving at the shoot].”

Hyungwon: Other guests tend to be drunk at this stage?

Lee Young Ji: Not only do they get drunk, Hoshi got knocked down 15 minutes after coming here and he doesn’t remember anything.

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Hyungwon even admits that he purposely didn’t eat before the shoot to be funnier on the show, but his preparation didn’t seem to work.

Hyungwon: I didn’t even eat on purpose as I [wanted] to get drunk fast.

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 

And he admits that the presence of cameras is possibly encouraging him to act sober.

Hyungwon: I think it’s because there are cameras.

Lee Young Ji: You have to think as if there [are] none.

Hyungwon: I try not to think but…

Lee Young Ji: Your unconscious mind knows it.

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Hyungwon even jokingly tries to stay longer for the shoot to film more content.

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But even though Hyungwon’s tolerance may have been surprising for Lee Young Ji, it certainly made for an incredibly entertaining episode.

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