From Chat Room Master To Mental Care Manager: Here Are The Different Roles MONSTA X Has Within The Group

Can you guess who’s in charge of talking in the chat room?

MONSTA X recently sat down for an interview with WIRED where they answered questions based on Google searches. They discussed a variety of things, from the members who have tattoos…

…to how popular they are in South Korea…

…and to the hate that I.M received during NO.MERCY.

They also touched on the various roles that the members have within the group. Not how they’re vocalists, dancers, or rappers, but the internal group positions that each has.


Minhyuk was named the manager of their chat group, someone who keeps the conversation going online. It’s a fitting title considering his talkative and bright personality.

Kihyun was dubbed the manager of their schedules. As a responsible member, it’s in line with his character!

I.M was called the “English major” by Joohoney thanks to his fluent English skills that he uses to make foreign interviews go smoothly for the group.

And finally, Joohoney was in charge of “mental care” according to Minhyuk. He’s known for his emotional sensitivity and friendliness, and the group agreed!

Mental care is Jooheon. [He] always calls us [and asks] ‘Are you okay? What are you doing now?’

— Minhyuk

MONSTA X makes sure to take care of each other! For more information about the group, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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