MONSTA X’s Joohoney Looks So Alike To These Two Female Celebrities That They Could Be Siblings

Do you see the resemblance?

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney may look like a big bad wolf with his rapper charisma and attitude…

…but in actual fact, he’s a whole softie!

During an awards show once, Joohoney stood on stage next to two of South Korea’s most loved divas. The first, Honey Lee, who famously won Miss Korea back in the day. She later became an actress that was loved for her glamorous body and angelic dimpled smile.

The other is Song Ga In, a trot singer who even won Miss Trot! She’s sung many drama OSTs to boot.

The photo was uploaded by Joohoney’s fan who compared it to a family portrait, with Honey Lee (far left) as the eldest sister, Song Ga In as the second sister and Joohoney as the maknae that grew up receiving all the love of his two sisters.



Fans were tickled at the mysterious resemblance between the three. Strangely, when the three are straight-faced, they don’t look alike. However, once they all smile, they look like they could truly be siblings. In particular, the dimples that Honey Lee and Joohoney share were pointed out, while Song Ga In’s eye shape can be compared to his.

What do you think of the resemblance?