Moon Geun Young Opens Up About The Real Reason She Left Her Agency Of 16 Years

She explained her reasoning.

Many fans were surprised to find out that Moon Geun Young recently left her agency of 16 years, Namoo Actors.

Since she’s 33 years old now, she was with the agency for almost half of her life.

And in light of everyone’s curiosity, Moon Geun Young took to her dcinside gallery to share her thought process.

Moon Geun Young started off by reassuring fans that she’s okay.

You must’ve been surprised by the unexpected news. I’m doing just fine, so please don’t worry about me.

— Moon Geun Young

She then explained the reason why she decided to leave her agency.

I made the huge decision because I thought that my life as a person as well as an actress needed a change. I also wanted to escape what I was used to and wake myself up.

— Moon Geun Young

But according to Moon Geun Young, she hasn’t made any future plans yet.

I don’t have any plans yet. I just plan to reorganize my heart and body in hopes to walk forward toward my future, which will be longer than my past, in a composed manner. I just wish to cherish these moments more, to be thankful for the life I’ve been given, and to spend my time humbly.

— Moon Geun Young

She concluded,

I was really worried about making a new decision. Thank you so much for worrying about me and cheering me on. I’ll be sure to see, feel, and learn more so I can return to you as a better self. So please stay healthy until then and happily dream while living a happy life.

— Moon Geun Young

Best of luck to Moon Geun Young and her bright future.

Source: Dispatch