Mourners Create Memorials And Leave Flowers For The Victims Of The Itaewon Tragedy

Mourners pay tribute to the 154 lives lost in Itaewon.

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As it nears 48 hours since the tragic crowd surge in Itaewon that took the lives of 154 people and injured 132 more, mourners have visited Itaewon to pay their respects.

Police blocking off the entrance to the alleyway where the crowd surge occurred | SisalN

Following the devastating tragedy, South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol, declared a period of national mourning that will extend to November 5 in observance of the terrible Itaewon Halloween Emergency.

South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol | News1

Flags will now fly at half-staff across Korea, signifying the state of mourning.

South Korean flags flying at half-staff in front of government buildings | Yonhap

In response to the declared mourning period, various businesses canceled Halloween events out of respect, and entertainment companies announced multiple postponements and schedule cancelations.

As of the morning of October 30 in Seoul, the roads in Itaewon remained closed to incoming traffic, and police continued to block the untouched alleyway, a solemn reminder of what took place the night before.

| @hyunsuinseoul/Twitter
| Hani

Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon visited the site of the tragedy after returning to Korea from Europe upon hearing news of the disaster.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon | Yonhap

Media and public officials filled the streets of Itaewon in the aftermath of the tragedy, conducting investigations as citizens traveled to the district to pay tribute to the victims.

Bouquets were neatly placed outside of Itaewon Station, and drinks were poured and laid next to the bouquets to honor those who passed.

Additional memorials were made along the streets of Itaewon as people visited to pay their respects throughout the day.

| Yonhap 
| Yonhap

South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol’s declaration of a mourning period also included the promise of an official memorial in Seoul.

Media outlets in Korea showed construction of the memorial altar is underway in front of Seoul City Hall as of the evening of October 30 (KST).

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