This Actor’s Transformation For His Role In “Moving” Is So Shocking That You Probably Didn’t Recognize Him

He totally did a 180!

Actor Kim Joong Hee plays Rim Jae Seok, a north Korean black agent in Disney+ original, Moving. He convincingly played the role of a menacing threat to South Korean society. He stunned viewers with his acting and roughshod facade.

Kim Joong Hee as Rim Jae Seok.

His transformation was so convincing that fans were shocked when he posted a thank you message along with the finale. As he held up a placard to thank fans for tuning in, fans did a double-take when they saw that he had played Rim Jae Seok. After all, he looks so different!

L: Kim Joong Hee as Rim Jae Seok. R: Kim Joong Hee thanking fans. 

But you wouldn’t recognize him from his previous role either, in 2022, with Through The Darkness. There, he played a balding man in his later years.

Kim Joong Hee in Through The Darkness.

With brown spots and a convincing grey wig, he pulled off the part of an aging criminal to the T.

Kim Joong Hee in Through The Darkness.

Despite how he looks like in the drama, he’s actually born in 1984. This makes him a young 39 years old! He also showed off his acting chops in Mr. Sunshine, where he played a role closer to how he looks in real life.

Kim Joong Hee in Mr. Sunshine

Fans were shocked to find out how the actor looks in real life. Here’s a photo of him looking dashing in a blazer.

He certainly doesn’t look his age of 39, let alone the roughshod Rim Jae Seok!

Netizens expressed their shock at his transformation. They were unable to recognize the star!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • He really seems like a different person. The SFX was done better than just great.
  • No but, did he slap on a new face…?
  • Gasp, insane.
  • Huh?! I thought that his original looks was already in Through The Darkness… Oh my, who is he?? He’s practically switching up his face each time.
  • Wow… guess this what they mean by “slapping on a new face.”
  • You’re saying this is the same person?

We can hardly recognize him with each role! As an actor, this is a great plus point, but it can also be a detrimental one. It’s hard for one to imprint on viewers with a new face each time.

Source: theqoo