Live-Action “Mulan” Delays Theatrical Release Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

The virus hits again.

Ever since Disney announced that they will be making a live-action remake of their hit animation “Mulan”, the whole world has been hyped up for the first all-Asian movie by Disney.

But its highly-anticipated release will be postponed due to the recent global coronavirus pandemic that appears to be putting a halt in every event imaginable.

“Mulan” was originally slated to debut in North American theaters on March 27. Its release in various parts of the world – especially Asia – had already been delayed. Theaters in South Korea, China, Japan, Italy, and other areas have decided to close down theaters to prevent a further outbreak of the virus. It appears Disney is pulling movies from its original release dates as a precaution to what seems an inevitable pattern headed for the US as well.

Disney has also removed ‘The New Mutants” and “Antlers” from its original release dates within the month, and the next earliest theatrical release by Disney appears to be “Black Widow” on May 1.

Although it’s uncertain how far along Disney will delay “Mulan”, analysts believe it will be as soon as possible due to its hefty $200 million production budget that didn’t include marketing fees.

Though the news comes as an unfortunate event for many fans, it’s best to watch “Mulan” during safer times than risk everyone’s health (no matter how awesome the movie is going to be).

Source: Variety