WJSN’s Meng Meiqi Gets Entangled In Cheating Accusations With Music Producer — Here Are The Full Translations

She exposed him.

Meng Meiqi of WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) has recently been entangled in cheating rumors when music producer Chen Ling Tao‘s ex-girlfriend stepped up to expose him. Chen Ling Tao is reportedly also the music director for Produce Camp 101, a reality survival audition program in which Meiqi appeared prior. According to the ex-girlfriend, Chen Ling Tao cheated on her with Meiqi despite their four-year-long relationship.

WJSN’s Meiqi | @m.meiqi7/Instagram

The ex-girlfriend exposed him via her Weibo. As the matter had already been going on for quite some time when fans found out that Meiqi was supposedly dating Chen Ling Tao, the ex-girlfriend claims that she had been on the receiving end of various DMs reporting to her about the matter. She finally stepped up to say her piece.

We don’t have a ‘happy 4th anniversary.’ Yes, he cheated on me, right when we were able to have our 4th anniversary. During this time, I saw a lot of comments on the internet, and a lot of DMs saying, ‘Your boyfriend cheated on you, are you not going to expose him?’ But I wasn’t planning on speaking out, because:

1) I haven’t been well mentally ever since we broke up and I don’t have the energy to organize my thoughts.

2) During that time, I still had a little bit of hope in him. I knew he would be the one who would face the most public scrutiny if I speak out, and I didn’t want him to feel bad.

3) He wanted me to give him a chance, he said he wanted to focus on making music.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend. | @他们叫我大花妞/Weibo

The ex-girlfriend explained that the hate her friends and her have been receiving was what motivated her to speak out. Furthermore, she realized his lies were only getting deeper and he tried to get her to stay quiet about it for the sake of his and Meiqi’s careers.

Why am I speaking out now?

1) My friends have been getting a lot of hate messages from alleged ‘fans.’ Why do I have to get scolded via DM? Why are people messaging my friends and scolding them?

2) I found out that he was still lying to me even when I still had a soft spot for him. He even tried to control me and make me ‘shut up.’

The first time I found out he was cheating on me was on July 27. I saw some chat logs on his phone after he came back from a business trip. Actually, I had a big argument with him in the early hours of July 25 and I already felt that something was wrong back then, so I couldn’t hold back and checked his phone when he came back on the 27th. That’s how I saw their chat logs with them chatting like they’re in a relationship. I don’t know how I managed to read all of the chat logs; I really hated my sixth sense at that moment. (There are lots of chat logs, so I only uploaded a portion of them.)

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

Chen Ling Tao | @zihancult/Twitter

The ex-girlfriend explained how betrayed she felt after verifying his chat logs with Meiqi, and how nonchalantly he lied to her face the same night.

I turned and looked at this man who was deeply asleep and couldn’t put my feelings into words. I lost all my strength but was trembling, and my mind was a blur. I sat down in the living room looking around our home, and thought about the things that we went through, the promises he made, and all the things that he said to me. I imagined him and her being together. I thought it was time for me to leave; I really didn’t want to, but they even made plans to go on a trip and stay at a hotel together. I was still asking myself, ‘He didn’t actually start liking someone else, right?’

He woke up about 10 minutes later, perhaps because we lied down together and all of a sudden no one was beside him, and asked me why I wasn’t sleeping and told me to go back in. So I went back and lied down, he embraced me and said he had a dream. I asked him about it and he said he dreamed that we got married. I asked him if he’s happy, and he said ‘yes,’ seemingly satisfied. I can’t even describe how much pain I felt at that moment. But I consoled myself right away, thinking if he’s willing to embrace me while sleeping and say these things to me, then he must still love me?

I chose to lie to myself. I told myself that he loves me. So I didn’t say anything and continued on with my work and life. It’s just that the quality of my sleeps deteriorated. On top of this, I was busy with work at that time so I was really drained.Fast forward to the early hours of August 1, we were still living our life like normal. I couldn’t help but look at his phone after he fell asleep. I was still lying to myself after reading through the chat logs. They made plans to stay at a hotel at night on the 2nd. I was thinking if he really goes and I confront him about it afterwards but he doesn’t confess, I need to have some kind of evidence, so I took photos of their chat logs. A bunch of scenarios ran through my head; I even thought that if he doesn’t go, then I’d just pretend nothing happened.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

The ex-girlfriend continued to share that after he left, she decided to follow him. That was when she confirmed with her own two eyes that he was meeting up with Meiqi at the hotel.

| @m.meiqi7/Instagram

Looking back, I was such a stupid idiot. After getting up and showering in the afternoon, I got his clothes and packed his luggage for his business trip like normal. Before leaving, he picked me up and said, ‘My wife, I love you, there’s been a lot of things going on lately, so once they’ve been taken care of, we’ll buy a home and get married. I want to build a family with you.’ I looked at him; he said it really sincerely so I felt like I got a lot of consolation. I held him and said, ‘Okay. Go, I’ll wait for you to get back.’

After he left, he stayed at the recording studio for the entire night and didn’t come home. At night, he messaged me and said he needs to go to his office to take care of some paper work. I couldn’t help but follow him to see if he’s going, so I ended up watching him take a taxi to the hotel. My mind was a blur and I didn’t know what to do. I was with him from 2017 when I came to Beijing after graduating from university; it seemed like my life in recent years was all about him. At that moment, I didn’t know where I should go; I didn’t want to go back to “our home”. After a long while, I finally called my friend and had her pick me up to go to her home.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

She heartbreakingly revealed that she told him the truth about what she had found out and they fought over the matter. She eventually planned to go to her hometown to explain the situation to her family, while he apologized and came to ask her to return to him. They agreed that she would go first and he would soon follow to pick her up.

At noon the next day, I told him I know everything. During this time we argued a lot, and when his mom found out, she came to Beijing. Coincidentally, right after I packed up all my stuff and was getting ready to leave, she came in and sat me down to talk about everything that happened. His mom also thought that I should leave him, because I wouldn’t be happy if I stayed. Before I left, she said if he’s sincere then I should still give him a chance. Since we have gotten to the point of talking about marriage, I really didn’t want to let things go.

So before leaving Beijing, we were still meeting up and doing things that we had always done everyday for the past few years. I still had hope and even told myself that ‘humans all make mistakes, he still loves me, it’s been so many years, he’s not that cruel.’ He kept telling me that he doesn’t want to lose me, until I was ready to go back to my hometown to explain everything that happened to my family. We agreed that once I’ve explained everything to my family, he’ll come and take me back to ‘our home.’

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

As she worked for his studio, she admitted that her failing mental state had caused work delays. She pushed through and left for her hometown. It seemed that after she returned to the city, things were fine. However, when Chen Ling Tao and Meng Meiqi were spotted on a trip during his birthday, things fell apart once more.

I did cause some delays at work due to my poor mental state, but everything was essentially finished. I handed the work over to his mom and his assistant before leaving. Things went like this, until the end of September when we started talking about our relationship again. I’m a fool, I just kept thinking that he still loves me, we still love each other, we still have a future together, and we will buy a house and get married. Before his birthday, he still said he missed me and that he wrote a song for me. I thought that he’d spend his birthday with me, but he ended up spending time with her for his birthday; it was like a slap in the face. He also went Tibet to be with her for her birthday.

When they were on their trip, a lot of people messaged me and told me their flight information, saying, ‘Your boyfriend is cheating on you, are you not going to do anything about it?’ I couldn’t take it, so I asked him, and he admitted to everything. He told me he’s been too tired recently, so she prepared everything and took him on the trip. Then the person who messaged me said it was him that prepared everything and took her on the trip. That night, I told him over the phone that I really can’t accept the truth that I’m seeing. I said that he can be with anyone, he can fall in love with a completely different person, but that person can’t be her. I couldn’t accept the fact that you’re going to be with the person that you cheated on me with, during the time when you still said you love me and want to marry me.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend. | @他们叫我大花妞/Weibo

The ex-girlfriend shared that he lied about having broken up with Meiqi and asked for her back. She decided to keep things on the down-low as she did not want to ruin his hard-earned career. Later she discovered that it was a lie and he had gone to meet Meiqi at a hotel once again.

Later on, he said they broke up, and told me that I don’t have to have a chip on my shoulder. A chip on my shoulder? How funny. I was so, so hurt and bawled my eyes out. Then, he called me and said they really broke up, hoping that I’d give him a chance because he doesn’t want anyone by his side to get hurt. To be honest, I really, really hated this man and the person who ruined our relationship. But I know that if I exposed this, it’d have a big impact on his career. I was there when he was at a low and worked hard to get to where he is now. I saw him dedicating all his time to achieving his dream. I still remember when I went with him to his drum lessons; he even squatted down to practice the drumming beats on the ground when we were waiting for the lights to turn green. At the time, I thought, with his determination and passion, he deserves all of his glory. So, even when the truth was right in front of me, I couldn’t bear to see his hard work of over 10 years getting ruined by this issue. I felt that this is the person I love, so I’ll just live with it!

But this situation kept taking unexpected turns. Just when I thought the whole situation was coming to an end, I got more DMs and found out that you two met in Shanghai, at the ‘private hotel’ that you two mentioned before, after coming back from the Tibet trip. You really got it wrong when you told me you two broke up while still meeting up with her at the same time. I didn’t think things would get to this point. You begged me to ask my friends to give you a chance, told me to uninstall the Weibo app and stop reading everything.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

She shared that although she had received monetary compensation, the sum was nothing compared to what she had given up.

Chen Ling Tao, we were together for four years. I gave up my career to be by your side and worked hard to learn how to get jobs for you. I think I gave you a lot of help and never used your popularity for my own benefit. I just wanted to be with you until the end, to buy a house and marry you. When I was at the saddest point of my life, I was still mindful about not ruining your life, what about you? You were lying to me and seeing her at the same time, what am I to you? I really loved you, and I don’t regret everything I gave during these years. But I really didn’t expect you to take advantage of my feelings towards you and ask me to let this go. I want to ask you, who will let me go? A lot of people are still messaging me and my friends saying, ‘You guys just want money, right?’

Let me say this myself, when I broke up with Chen Ling Tao, he gave me 400,000 CNY ($62,637 USD). Don’t assume anything; if I could build up my own career, I would’ve made more than this amount in 4 years. During these years I took care of not only in his daily life but also his company, so this is his compensation to me. He was the one who felt guilty and gave this to me.I’m just a regular person like all of you. I just want to be a normal girl who wants to marry my boyfriend and spent the rest of my life with him, so you guys don’t have to speculate what I’m thinking. If I was in it for the money, I would’ve spoken up sooner and not wait until now. I wouldn’t have had to read all those toxic DMs. I’m just a normal person. A normal person who needs to vent after getting wronged. A normal person who needs to clear everything up once they’ve been pushed to the limit! Lastly, I want to tell you, everyone has the power to love and be loved, but you need to draw a clear line. Humans are humans because we have the ability to reason, make decisions, and control ourselves. My mind is a mess, I don’t have the energy to organize the photos by time after writing all of this. Sorry, everyone.

— Chen Ling Tao’s ex-girlfriend

The ex-girlfriend attached various screenshots to corroborate her story. The screenshots take place after she found out about the cheating and are mostly of the two discussing how to handle the situation. He consistently urges her to keep things quiet and to ignore the hate from fans.

She also managed to take some photos of the chats between Chen Ling Tao and Meiqi.

CLT: Take a look there
CLT:  It’s random

[Yesterday, 2:28pm]

MMQ: Hahahaha
MMQ: Smelling my scent
MMQ: It’s like I’m by your side
CLT: You’ve always been by my side
CLT: Each day and time
MMQ: Next time, I’ll really be next to you to accompany you
MMQ: Hahaha
MMQ: Myself

CLT: [media]

[Yesterday 3:46pm]

MMQ: I’m shooting for an ad
MMQ: [media]
CLT: Haha, a deer
CLT: Your gaze near the end is mesmerizing

MMQ: I think I’m starting to be uncontrollable when it comes to you
CLT: I’m totally uncontrollable
CLT: When it comes to you
CLT: Love makes us lose our minds?
MMQ: So I’ve lost control too
MMQ: I either can’t eat or can’t stomach it and I overthink

Meng Meiqi’s agency has given a statement denying that she knew he was attached, while Chen Ling Tao has issued a public apology about the matter. Read more about it below.

Agency Makes Official Statement On Cosmic Girls Meng Meiqi’s Involvement In The Cheating Allegations While Chen Ling Tao Apologizes

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