Agency Makes Official Statement On WJSN Meng Meiqi’s Involvement In The Cheating Controversy While Chen Ling Tao Apologizes

Fans grew worried as his apology sounded like his last words.

It was previously reported that WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic GirlsMeng Meiqi had been embroiled in a cheating scandal when the ex-girlfriend of music producer Chen Ling Tao stepped up to expose him.

WJSN’s Meiqi | @m.meiqi7/Instagram

Since the scandal broke, Meng Meiqi’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, has stepped up to give their official statement on the matter. They claimed that Meiqi never knew about Chen Ling Tao’s private life and requested for the rumors to halt.

Recently, some netizens have been spreading rumors on different internet platforms about our artist Meng Meiqi, claiming that she ‘knowingly began a relationship with someone who’s already in another relationship’ and ‘is the person that someone cheated with.’ They used methods such as the circulation of rumors and malicious speculations to hurt Meng Meiqi’s reputation, causing significant damage to our artist. We seriously make the following declaration:

1. Our artist Meng Meiqi does not know anything about Chen Ling Tao’s private life, and has never interfered with anyone else’s relationships;
2. The chat logs being spread on the internet are only screenshots from one-side. Meng Meiqi is currently single.

We strongly condemn the netizens who are twisting the truth by spreading rumors. We reserve the right to take legal actions.We hope everyone focuses on the artist’s performances and works. Don’t believe in rumors, don’t spread rumors, and stop posting false information. Let’s create a healthy environment for the internet and spread positive energy.

— Yuehua Entertainment

On the other hand, Chen Ling Tao has admitted to his faults in a lengthy apology. However, fans grew worried as his apology seemed to sound like final words.

I thought about it for a long time and wrote this while being calm and logical. Once the issue has spread, there’s no way to explain and justify what actually happened. This is an incident between two people, I don’t want this to affect other innocent people and their hard work anymore. I’m sorry to those who helped me built my career – my parents, my team, fatcat, Aichen, teacher Chen, band members, all of the teachers of 21A, and those who helped me along the way. I’m not running away. When one has done something wrong, then one should take responsibility. When things get to this point, there are a few reasons why someone would choose to end their own life. One, they can’t face the truth (this is obviously not the case), and two, life and death are important, let me put everything to an end.I want to leave everything to my parents and younger sister. I hope my parents will get along and help guide my sister to become someone useful to the society. For ongoing contracts, I, Chen Ling Tao, entrusts Liu Yu to take care of them. (Fatcat, Aichen) will assist with those who haven’t gotten paid yet. Sorry to my bros. I’ll make be you guys’ guitar in my next life. I have never owed anyone any fees since I started working in this industry, I hope everything will get taken care of this time. Fatcat, you know me and how I think, please keep on going with everyone.To my parents, you two worked hard for your entire life. You took care of me and then had to take care of my younger sister, and haven’t had a chance to enjoy life yet. You’ve always thought that I’m awesome. I love you. Once I’m gone, (mom), I hope you fight less with dad and spend more time on my sister’s growth. My older brother is perhaps not a great role model. Make sure my sister becomes someone of value for the society. I won’t be your child again in my next life; I’ve given you two enough grief in this life.Sorry for doing this in the public. I hope the pandemic ends soon and everyone can live well. People who are guilty deserve what they get.

— Chen Ling Tao

It has since been reported that his friends checked on him and he is safe and sound.

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