“My Name” Actor Chang Ryul Couldn’t Be More Different From His Character, According To Co-Star Han So Hee

She says that he can’t even curse!

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Every great hero needs a great villain, and that’s exactly what actor Chang Ryul‘s character Do Gang Jae is to heroine Han So Hee‘s Yoon Ji Woo/Oh Hye Jin in Netflix‘s K-Drama My Name.

Han So Hee (left) and Chang Ryul (right) in “My Name.” | Netflix

He’s a truly terrifying antagonist that viewers absolutely love to hate. Still, there’s something about him that we also… kind of love?

Chang Ryul as Do Gang Jae in “My Name.” | Netflix

Perhaps the reason is that no matter how good of an actor he is, it’s still hard to hide how truly lovable Chang Ryul really is! In a new interview with STARNEWS, Han So Hee talked about her co-stars, namely Chang Ryul.

Han So Hee in “My Name.” | Netflix
Chang Ryul in “My Name.” | Netflix

Han So Hee’s character certainly has a strong connection with Ahn Bo Hyun‘s character (they even share an intimate scene). Yet, when asked about who she has the best chemistry with of all the many actors she worked with, she didn’t fail to mention Chang Ryul.

Rather than chemistry, I was able to focus the best with Mu Jin (played by Park Hee Soon) oraboni (honorific form for oppa). With Ryul oppa, we had a lot of action sequences in the beginning and these confrontational situations were the most interesting.

— Han So Hee

Initially, she was concerned about meeting all of the other actors, but she said they all treated her kindly. When talking about Chang Ryul, she gave testament to what a great person he is in real life! He is the complete opposite of his character, so much so she wondered how he could so properly portray such an evil person.

Ryul oppa is the type of person that can’t even curse so how can he become such a bad guy while filming? It was amazing when I saw him as a senior, and it was also amazing when I saw him as a person.

— Han So Hee

Han So Hee (left) with Chang Ryul (right) in “My Name.” | Netflix

While their characters literally hated each other in My Name, the actors are actually great friends. On Instagram, she frequently comments on Chang Ryul’s posts, proving how close they really are!

| @ryul_chang/Instagram
| @ryul_chang/Instagram
| @ryul_chang/Instagram

Han So Hee also has shared some of their behind-the-scenes moments on her personal Instagram.

While there was no reconciliation for the two onscreen, offscreen, their friendship is long-lasting.

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