“My Name” Co-Star Addresses Dating Rumor Between Song Kang And Han So Hee After A Photo Surfaces

Actor Moon Sang Min, who played the role of a rookie cop on the show, shared the original version of the surfaced photo.

On June 18, 2022 (KST), an alleged photo of actors Song Kang and Han So Hee “on a date” began circulating on social media platforms—as well as on YouTube, in a speculative video uploaded by a gossip channel SOJANG.

YouTube channel “SOJANG” sharing a screenshot of the speculative Instagram post on the right. | @SOJANG/YouTube

Initially, the video reported that the photo—capturing Song Kang and Han So Hee in casual outfits—surfaced on an Instagram feed allegedly belonging to Song Kang’s sasaeng fan. While the two people in the photo are masked and hence nearly impossible to recognize, the said Instagram account shared the photo with hashtags #SongKang and #HanSoHee and re-sparked the dating rumor between these Nevertheless co-stars.

The speculative Instagram post hashtagged, “#SongKangHanSoHee #HanSoHee #SongKang” | @SOJANG/YouTube

Fueled by the chemistry they had on the set of Nevertheless, Song Kang and Han So Hee have been embroiled in dating rumors since 2021. With the photo surfacing, Koreans began wondering about their relationship. Some Korean media outlets even reported on it—though pointing out that neither party has commented on the rumor.

Actors Han So Hee (left) and Song Kang (right) on Nevertheless. | JTBC

Later, on June 19 (KST), Han So Hee’s My Name co-star Moon Sang Min addressed the photo being circulated and clarified that the photo is from a My Name get-together.” 

Actor Moon Sang Min on My Name. | Netflix

Hinting that he is the person photographed next to Han So Hee, the actor uploaded the original version of the photo on his Instagram story and tagged the actress—as well as the stills photographer who actually snapped the photo.

Following Moon Sang Min’s post, the Korean media Insight also clarified in a report that “a photographer, who is close to Han So Hee, snapped and shared the photo as an Instagram story at a My Name get-together.” 

Actor Moon Sang Min’s Instagram story captioned, “My Name get-together” | @_sangmxn_/Instagram

Further reports revealed that the stills photographer @nogrid_photo had deleted the photo after having first shared it in an Instagram story. Shortly after the story was deleted, the same photo began circulating as a “Song Kang and Han So Hee’s date” photo out of nowhere.

While Koreans have since been commenting on “how easy it is to stir up rumors based on unverified photos,” SOJANG has yet to remove the speculative video from its channel.

Source: TopStarNews (1) and (2), Insight and theqoo
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