Mystery Surrounding College Student’s Death Grows As His Friend Continues With Suspicious Behavior

The police have not investigated the friend.

The case of 22-year-old Son Jeong Min has been making constant headlines across the nation due to the growing mystery behind his disappearance and death.

Son Jeong Min | SBS News

On April 24, Son Jeong Min went to Han River Park with his “Friend A,” where they proceeded to drink and eat together. After their festivities, it was reported that Son and his friend both fell asleep at the park. Friend A woke up around 4:30 AM the following morning to find that Son was nowhere to be seen. After Son Jeong Min was reported missing, his body was found five days later in the Han River.

While the case seemed to be accidental upon first glance, numerous signs began to show that something was not right with Son’s death.

Son Jeong Min’s missing poster | MBC News

The police found an unexplainable wound on Son’s head once his body was recovered, which raised initial suspicions. Further questions were raised when it was revealed that Friend A had returned home with Son’s cellphone the evening that they drank together. Friend A made claims that he used Son’s phone only because his phone was not working.  The police later made reports that Friend A’s phone was completely broken, as it was smashed and unable to turn on.

This is not the only suspicious behavior that Friend A acted upon following Son’s disappearance and death. It was reported that following their evening together, Friend A threw away the shoes he was wearing during the night he was with Son Jeong Min before he disappeared.

Search and rescue | News1

It was also further reported that Friend A called his parents after realizing Son was missing, instead of calling the police or Son’s parents. After receiving his call, Friend A’s parents came to Han River Park to search for Son Jeong Min together. After an unsuccessful search, it was then that Friend A’s parents finally decided to inform Son’s parents about their son’s disappearance.

Many began to suspect the friend, even more, when it was reported that he and his parents did not appear at Son’s funeral despite the circumstances.

Son Jeong Min’s father at his funeral | E Daily

While many clues have begun to point towards Son’s friend, suspicions began to increase as the police have yet to officially launch an investigation into Friend A, enraging the public. The police department released a statement commenting on the progression of the case and the public outcry regarding their lack of investigation into Son’s friend.

It is in the best interest of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department to investigate all possibilities. It is necessary to check all the leads in order to find out the truth.

— Seoul Metropolitan Police Department representative

Son Jeong Min’s body | Chosun Ilbo

To date, the police department has secured a total of 54 CCTVs that were near the site of Son’s disappearance. They will be analyzing the footage to determine additional details regarding Son’s death. It was also reported that the police department secured a list of all the 133 vehicles that were seen entering and exiting Han River Park. They will be checking black box video footage of the vehicles to help Son’s case. The police department also revealed that they would be tracking down any potential witnesses who were present at Han River Park on the evening of Son’s disappearance.

Son Jeong Min’s case has rocked the South Korean public due to the heartbreaking circumstances, as well as what they believe is bad policing. A national petition was filed, asking for the police department to solve his case and to formally investigate Son’s friend.

The submission of Friend A’s parents’ phones was denied by the police and they failed to show at his funeral. Friend A threw away the shoes he wore the night of Son’s disappearance. We don’t understand why the police aren’t investigating Friend A, but rather random witnesses. We want an explanation.

— Petition Excerpt

The petition has garnered over 100,000 signatures so far.

Source: No Cut News, E Daily, Hankook Ilbo and Image

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