“River Where The Moon Rises” Actor Na In Woo Reveals How He Felt When He Was Suddenly Cast As The Male Lead

He talked about belatedly joining the drama as the male lead!

Actor Na In Woo talked about his role in the popular K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises, and shared his experience after being cast at the last minute!

Na In Woo held a photoshoot and interview with Singles magazine, where he talked about his role as On Dal in River Where The Moon Rises! He revealed that although he was suddenly cast for the role, he wasn’t that shocked by it.

I had a feeling it wouldn’t be easy, but I seem to be doing ok thanks to the director, fellow actors and staff. The people that are helping me on set are my biggest driving force.

—Na In Woo

He then spoke about his character, revealing his thoughts about On Dal, and also compared his roles from Mr. Queen and River Where The Moon Rises!

He is a clear and pure character. We often know the character as “stupid” On Dal, but the more I read the script, the more my heart hurt for him because he chose that kind of life because of his situation. I wanted to express the pure and bright side of On Dal in detail.

My character in Mr. Queen didn’t achieve love, but in this next project I was able to have a happy ending.

—Na In Woo

Na In Woo then revealed that he was initially a trainee under JYP Entertainment, and shared his casting story! He revealed that in middle school, he already surpassed 180 cm, and caught the eyes of a casting director with his tall height and visuals!

I made up my mind to become an actor when I was 19. It was starting then that I worked really hard.

—Na In Woo

After moving to CUBE Entertainment, he booked his first leading role in River Where The Moon Rises and in the interview, shared that he hopes to be an actor that will be remembered for a long time and not just for a glimpse of the spotlight.

When I work on a project, I want to hear people say, “It’s obvious that he is that character” because I want to be good at acting.

I hope that people will remember me as a respectful and well-mannered guy.

—Na In Woo

Na In Woo took on the role of On Dal in the K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises to replace the previous actor Ji Soo, and gained praise for his skills despite having come on as a sudden cast member.


Here’s to many more great acting projects from Na In Woo!

Source: Singles Korea
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