Nam Goong Min, Hong Jin Young, Hong Jong Hyun, and Yura to depart from “We Got Married”

Shortly after news that casting for new We Got Married 4 couples was announced, producers revealed that Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young couple along with Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura couple will be leaving the show within the next month.

It was announced that the two couples have wrapped up filming for their virtual marriages and their last episode will air on March 7th after which new couples will join Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun as fixed cast on the show.

This news follows recent dating scandals that involved Hong Jong Hyun and After School’s Nana, which viewers felt created tension between the actor and his on-screen wife Yura despite denying the claims. As a result, there has been a slew of negative feedback regarding the validity and commitment to the virtual marriage agreement.

As for Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min, the two have gotten heated in recent episodes as their marriage progressed pass their first kiss. They are the longest running couple out of the three and March 7th marks the end of their 9 month marriage which began last July.

Source: WowTV, WowSport