“He Approached Another Man As A Woman” — Korean Celebrity’s Transgender Ex-Fiancé Reported To Have Been Two-Timing Her

The fiancé is a well-known scammer.

In a case that shook the entire nation, Olympian fencer Nam Hyun Hee’s new lover Jeon Chung Jo turned out to be the scammer of the generation. Not only did Jeon Chung Jo hide his past records of criminal offences, but he also defrauded many using Nam’s name. He also lied about being the heir of a conglomerate and more, even tricking Nam into thinking that she was pregnant.

Olympic Athlete’s Fiancé Was Exposed As A Fraud — It Turns Out His Father Is A Scammer, Too

In a new revelation, it was found out that Jeon had been two-timing Nam. Jeon Chung Jo had approached another man as a woman, and even propositioned him, asking him to marry her. According to the Central Seoul police station, a man in his 30s had filed a case against Jeon for a “marriage scam.” The case is currently under investigation.

Jeon (left) and Nam (right).

The alleged victim had met Jeon on a dating app, where Jeon had identified as a woman. He had given Jeon a few tens of thousands of dollars under the guise that they were to be married. At the stage in time when they had been dating, Jeon was also dating Nam Hyun Hee. As the timing overlapped, it was registered that Jeon had been cheating on Nam and the victim. Jeon Chung Jo had been contacting the man until recently until the scandal broke out. It was only after the issue hit mainstream media that he realized he was the victim of a scam.

Jeon has had a history of two registered marriages prior, with the one in 2018 being to a woman. The one in 2020 was to a man. You can read more about his case with Nam Hyun Hee below.

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Source: Herald Corp