He Tricked Her Into Thinking She Was Pregnant — Olympian Fencer Gives Damning Interview About Her Scammer Fiancé

She answered honestly.

Olympian fencer Nam Hyun Hee‘s romance with scammer Jeon Chung Jo is currently shaking South Korea. The star had been deeply in love with Jeon, whom she believed to be a rich businessman and chaebol heir. Later, it was revealed that Jeon had past criminal records for fraud, and had even used Nam’s name to cheat investors out of more money. Jeon Chung Jo had also defrauded Nam Hyun Hee family members out of ₩90.0 million KRW (about $66,600 USD). Hours after Nam Hyun Hee was rescued, Jeon Chung Jo would be arrested for stalking after repeatedly trying to meet Nam Hyun Hee. Nam Hyun Hee recently moved out of Jeon’s residence.

Jeon on the left, and Nam on the right. | Chosun

Nam Hyun Hee gave an interview to Chosun Woman where she admitted to everything. Nam knew that Jeon Chung Jo had undergone a gender-change, but did not know about other things such as the scams. Jeon had also tried to trick her into thinking that she was pregnant with their child.

  • Interviewer: Someone who claimed to be Jeon’s secretary told the press that you were in the early stages of pregnancy. On the other hand, you mentioned in a call on October 24 that you were not pregnant. What is the truth?
  • Nam Hyun Hee: I thought that it was weird. The pregnancy tests that Jeon Chung Jo gave me had always come out with two lines (positive). I later belatedly found out that all the test kits he’d given me were fake.
  • Interviewer: I don’t get it. We have to be clear about Jeon’s gender. Is Jeon a woman or a man?
  • Nam Hyun Hee: He’s now a man.
  • Interviewer: So he was a woman before?
  • Nam Hyun Hee: Yes.
  • Interviewer: So he underwent gender-change surgery?
  • Nam Hyun Hee: Yes.
  • Interviewer: Jeon showed the press his citizens’ identification number which ends with a ‘1’. (In Korea, numbers that end with ‘1’ are used for men, while ‘2’ is used for women.)
  • Nam Hyun Hee: He has two identification cards, one that starts with ‘1,’ and another with ‘2’.
  • Interviewer: Did you set your heart on marrying him after knowing that he changed his sex?
  • Nam Hyun Hee: Yes, I did.

The interviewer further questioned Nam on the pregnancy kits, asking if she did not doubt them.

There were a few things I thought were strange. Since all the tests came out with two lines, I thought that chances of pregnancy were high. But when I went to my family home and told them that the results were weird, they asked if I bought the test kit myself. Come to think of it, they were all given to me by Jeon and each time, they came without the packaging. When I tested myself using a test kit that my sibling bought for me, it came out with one line (negative).

— Nam Hyun Hee

Since Jeon was transgender, Jeon would not be able to produce sperms. This was also brought into question by the interviewer.

I don’t know. That’s why I thought it was weird. I was suspicious that the test kit came out positive. I was going to check things out at a gyno clinic, but Jeon kept stopping me. Jeon said that he wanted to live with me, and that he would take responsibility.

— Nam Hyun Hee

You can read more about how Nam escaped from Jeon below.

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Source: Chosun Woman