Olympic Athlete Announced Her Marriage To Her “Husband”… He Got Arrested For Stalking Her Just 3 Days Later

She reportedly called off their marriage.

Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee previously announced her marriage to Jeon Chung Jo, but Jeon Chung Jo was just arrested for stalking her.

In a new report from the police, the Gyeonggi Seongnam Jungwon police station is currently investigating a woman in her 20s for stalking. It was later revealed the woman in her 20s was indeed Jeon Chung Jo. Jeon Chung Jo is accused of visiting Nam Hyun Hee’s mother’s house at 1:09 a.m., knocking on the door, and ringing the doorbell multiple times. She was reported to have said, “I know someone inside; please let me in,” but Nam Hyun Hee’s family instead called the police, and Jeon Chung Jo was arrested on the spot.

Jeon Chung Jo reportedly went to Nam Hyun Hee’s family’s house after being notified by Nam Hyun Hee that the two would be separating.

Just three days ago, Nam Hyun Hee and Jeon Chung Jo announced they would be getting married. However, since then, reports about Jeon Chung Jo’s identity have been continuously coming out, with first reports that Jeon Chung Jo is actually a woman and then Dispatch revealing her history as a criminal.

Dispatch Reveals Celebrity Husband’s Criminal Deceits In Damning Exposé

Source: Hankook Kyungjae