Nam Joo Hyuk Admits That Suzy Gives Him Goosebumps In An Interview

Suzy could not stop laughing!

Netflix drama Start-Up is rapidly making its way up the ladder as it continues to impress viewers and shatter records. Viewers are loving the chemistry between the two leads, Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy and we get to see more of them in a sit down interview with YouTube channel, The Swoon.

During the interview, the two actors play a game called “Who, me?” where they are asked questions and have to decipher between which one of the two fits the question more. As they answer the questions, more about their impressions of one another were revealed.

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When asked the question, “who do you think would more likely work overtime”, both actors answered Suzy without hesitation. They both agreed that Nam Joo Hyuk is the type to go home as soon as the clock hits the end of his shift, which brought laughter in the studio.

However, Nam Joo Hyuk admitted that if his boss needed him to do further work, he would politely obey because he is a follower who likes to be led.

When they were asked who has more unique hobbies, again with no hesitation, the two actors were able to answer that Suzy had the most. The actress listed her hobbies and her list really impressed Nam Joo Hyuk and the rest of the studio!

Nam Joo Hyuk fans prepare yourself for the next question because it is absolutely adorable. When asked who seems tough on the outside but is soft on the inside, both actors came to the quick answer that Nam Joo Hyuk is like that! Even he admits that he cries easily.

Lastly, when asked who was more adventurous of the two, they hesitated a little bit before answering that they were both adventurous in their own way. However, Nam Joo Hyuk revealed that he believes Suzy is the most adventurous when she acts.

It doesn’t end there as Nam Joo Hyuk cracked up the entire studio, including Suzy with what he said after.

These two visual actors continued to prove their chemistry off their Start-Up set and we are living for it! Check out the rest of the interview with The Swoon below!


Source: YouTube, Google and theqoo


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