Nam Tae Hyun And “Heart Signal 3” Contestant Seo Min Jae Test Positive For Meth

They both admitted to the charges.

Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae have both tested positive for methamphetamines.

According to an exclusive report from MBN, drug test results from the National Forensic Service for Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae were sent to the Yongsan Police Station, and both individuals tested positive for methamphetamines.

Following the reveal of their positive test, both Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae have admitted to the charges of drug use. The Seoul Western District Court will conduct an examination session on May 18 before deciding whether to approve or deny the arrest warrant for the pair.

In August 2022, Seo Min Jae posted on her Instagram account, accusing Nam Tae Hyun of hitting her and using drugs, which sparked the police’s investigation.

“Heart Signal 3” Seo Min Jae Accuses Nam Tae Hyun Of Using Drugs And Hitting Her

Source: MBN