Nam Taehyun Apologizes To Jang Jane For His Cheating Scandal

He has apologized.

Nam Taehyun has apologized to not just Jang Jane, but the other woman as well who may have been hurt in his cheating scandal.

Hours after his first post where he stated he would release an official, handwritten apology, he has kept his word and released his official apology letter. In the post, he apologizes to Jang Jane, other women who may have been hurt, and his fans.

Hello, this is Nam Taehyun.

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Jang Jane and other women who have been hurt by this incident.

Also, to my fans that I have disappointed and hurt due to this incident, who always love and support me, I would like to say sorry to them too.

As for the damages that were caused by my carelessness, I will take full responsibility for them.

I would like to apologize once again.

— Nam Taehyun

Due to his scandal, the musical Mephisto is currently discussing whether or not they should remove him from the cast. tvN‘s romance variety show Studio Vibes, where Nam Taehyun and Jang Jane first met, has already decided to edit out both of them from future episodes.