Nam Taehyun Responds to Jang Jane’s Claim That He Cheated on Her with Multiple Women

Nam Taehyun addressed the claims on his official Instagram account.

In light of Jang Jane‘s recent claim that Nam Taehyun cheated on her with multiple women, Nam Taehyun shared his response on his official Instagram account.


Nam Taehyun stated, “First of all, I apologize for evoking public criticism. And I sincerely apologize to Jang Jane as well as the messenger.


He then added, “I was clearly in the wrong, but the public is spreading rumors that are not true as well, and that makes me very sad. I’m in the process of preparing right now, so I’ll be sure to return with a formal apology and explanation as soon as possible.


Ahead of this statement, Jang Jane uploaded various screenshots of text messages shared between Nam Taehyun and an anonymous woman and claimed that Nam Taehyun cheated on her with multiple women.


Jang Jane and Nam Taehyun first met on tvN’s Studio Vibes, and they publicly announced their relationship last April.

Source: Insight
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