Nam Taehyun Gives An Update On His Drug And Physical Abuse Allegations

He apologized for the matter.

Heart Signal 3 cast member Seo Min Jae recently accused former WINNER‘s Nam Taehyun of drug and physical abuse. She later retracted her accusation. She had initially uploaded a selfie of the two of them, along with a cryptic caption.

Nam Tae Hyun does philopon (meth), the needle he used is either in my room or in my office cabinet, and he hits me.

— Seo Min Jae

On August 21, 2022, Seo Min Jae uploaded a new post where she apologized to the public for her mistake and claimed that she had not been sober when she had made the allegations.

Hello. This is Seo Min Jae. I’m writing a post in order to tell you guys about yesterday’s matter. Firstly, I had fought with my lover yesterday due to both of our mistakes. At that time, I had taken more than the prescribed amount of medication I was taking for psychological matters, due to stress, and I lost my senses to the point where I cannot remember what happened accurately even now. Because of that, I had uploaded posts that were unrelated to the truth and I am also now in the hospital as I got hurt mistakenly. This post comes late as I was receiving treatment. And we have reconciled with each other. I’m sorry to have worried so many people.

— Seo Min Jae

Nam Taehyun soon uploaded a statement to his Instagram a few hours later. He kept his statement short and simple, apologizing for concerning the public.

Hello. This is Nam Taehyun. I’m sorry to those who were surprised by what happened yesterday.. Although we, as lovers, had fought, we have reconciled. I’m sincerely sorry for worrying so many people due to our personal matters.

— Nam Taehyun

All accusatory posts relevant to the matter have since been taken down from Seo Min Jae’s Instagram.