Nam Taehyun Breaks Down in Tears and Asks for a Gun in Live Broadcast

Fans were both startled and worried.

Nam Taehyun recently spoke to fans in two live broadcasts back-to-back, where he worried many with his tears, rage, and confession of his hardships.

During his first broadcast, Nam Taehyun expressed his love and gratitude to fans through an honest message.

I really miss you guys. I know many of you might think I’m being a hypocrite, but I live for my fans. But I noticed many people receive negative energy when they’re around me. I’m sorry to my fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

– Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun continued and expressed how difficult it had been for him while writing music.

These days, I don’t know what kind of songs I should be writing, and I’m having a hard time writing good songs. I’m working hard to make songs, but I’m hearing that it doesn’t fit with the public’s desires, so I’m wondering if I’m dong something wrong…

– Nam Taehyun

But what surprised fans was when he apologized for how he behaved ever since he left WINNER and pleaded for people to stop disliking him so much.

It’s true that I became a bad person after leaving WINNER. This is my first time apologizing for leaving the group in such a senseless way. So please stop hating me. I’m scared every single day.

– Nam Taehyun

And on the following day, Nam Taehyun worried fans, even more, when he broke down into tears and expressed how hard it’s been for him.

Please like my music. I’m working hard on it, so my heart aches. I’m sorry. South Club isn’t doing so well, but our agency is saying it’s our fault.

– Nam Taehyun


This was followed by Nam Taehyun taking what appeared to be medicine for depression, and he startled fans by demanding where his gun was.

Where’s my gun???

– Nam Taehyun


Fans perceived his behavior to be unstable in his last few broadcasts, eliciting great worry from the public.


Source: Dispatch