Naomi Campbell Just Met BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope, But She’s Not A “Baby ARMY”

She had her eyes on them years ago.

Paris Fashion Week has brought a lot of spotlight to BTS members Jimin and J-Hope, who are attending the event as the representatives of DIOR and Louis Vuitton, respectively. J-Hope attended the Louis Vuitton show by himself on January 19 and went to the Dior show with Jimin on January 20.

| @dior/Twitter
| @dior/Twitter

The duo was quite literally the main event, with everyone from the press to celebrities flocking to them to get a picture or a chance to interact with them. But of all the celebrity interactions they had on camera, the most iconic one was with Naomi Campbell.

| @naomi/Instagram

The supermodel was seated right beside J-Hope and was seen chatting with the two. Even though it was a brief interaction, ARMYs couldn’t be more hyped that the BTS members had such grand company.

Though this is the first time Naomi has met the BTS members, she has been familiar with the group for a long time now. In 2019, she gave a shoutout to BTS in one of her YouTube videos! She was talking about how men’s makeup is making its way to the West and then mentioned that BTS have a “whole makeup line,” referring to their collaboration with VT Cosmetics at that time. She showed her appreciation for the project, saying, “I think it’s fantastic!”

This was a significant moment for many ARMYs, since someone of Naomi Campbell’s stature acknowledging BTS so casually before the Dynamite era was still a pretty rare occurrence in the Western world. And now, two BTS members are sharing the same space with her in the capacity of ambassadors, representing two of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Could there be a more perfect full-circle moment?