NBC Chicago mistakes BTS for SHINee in report about Jonghyun’s death

NBC made a terrible mistake, and fans are rightfully outraged.

NBC, one of the largest news stations in the US, just reported Jonghyun‘s death on live TV in a news update. The segment aired on NBC’s local station in Chicago. 

However, the video that plays during the segment is not of Jonghyun, but BTS instead. The clip is from the Ellen DeGeneres Show episode with BTS.

Not only was the wrong video used, NBC Chicago continuously zooms into RM when talking about Jonghyun. They also talk about SHINee going on Ellen DeGeneres Show, as if they were BTS. The host for the news segment also states that SHINee went to the AMAs.

NBC Chicago assumed that BTS was SHINee.

Fans are now flooding NBC Chicago’s Twitter account, extremely angry at the mistake. While the mistake should have been caught, it appears that no one at NBC Chicago took the time to research who Jonghyun was or even SHINee with a basic Google search.

However, their website has the correct picture of Jonghyun and does not repeat their mistake. 

NBC Chicago’s website uses the correct photo of Jonghyun.

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