NCT 127’s Haechan Gains Attention For His Visuals In Unwhitewashed Fan-Taken Pictures At Recent Concert In Manila, Philippines

His visuals IRL are insane!

NCT 127 held an incredibly successful concert in Manila, Philippines, on September 4. Despite concerns raised by NCTzens, each concert on the NEOCITY: THE LINK tour so far has proven to be an experience.

NCT 127 in Manila | @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

Fans are now convinced, however, that the concert in Manila was particularly special. Filled with memorable moments that ranged from hilarious to sexy and everything in between, the Manila concert is being said to be the best performance NCT 127 have delivered so far on their 2022 world tour.

As fans claim, the members were not only at their best in terms of performance…

…but they seemed to be really enjoying themselves too! They had plenty of fun interacting with the audience, and perhaps even more so goofing around with each other.

The concert in Manila had many moments that will go down in history, and one of the most memorable ones is the visuals that Haechan served.

Haechan | @hhyuckee86/Twitter


Every member gained attention in his own right, but Haechan was particularly praised for his unreal visuals in person.

Fans who got to see him up close were left gushing about his breathtaking looks…

…and when he winked and made hearts with members of the audience, it was all over.

Fans couldn’t help but praise his undeniable main character energy…

Not to mention that his red hair certainly helped!

If there’s one thing that Haechan proved at the concert in Manila, it’s that he more than deserves a spot on the visual line!

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