NCT 127 Johnny’s Mom Had This To Say About His Sexy Shower Solo Stage

Johnny seemed a little bit embarrassed!

NCT 127 recently released a special vlog detailing their time in the US for their Neo City: The Link world tour. During the episode, Johnny‘s mother attended one of the concerts and was able to give her personal opinion on Johnny’s sexy solo stage.

NCT’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

NCT 127 have been impressing fans worldwide on their latest tour and have even treated NCTzens to solo stages from each member. These stages range from Jaehyun’s soulful “Lost” to Mark and Taeyong‘s hip-hop duet “The Himalayas.”

One of the most memorable performances during each concert happens when the group is performing “Focus.” Johnny steps away from the other members and into a glass “shower” where he performs a steamy solo dance.

Several members of NCT had strong and hilarious reactions to seeing Johnny practice his solo dance, as well as aespa Karina‘s reported actions after seeing his stage in Newark. Now fans were able to hear exactly what Johnny’s mother thought of the dance!

Johnny’s mom attended the LA concert, and was too excited to greet all of the members after the show.

While standing and chatting, Yuta asked her what she thought of Johnny’s solo stage. She replied that “it was so hot, I thought I was dying,” causing all the members to crack up with laughter.


She then turns and asks Johnny “Why were you so naked?” and he somewhat shyly responds that he “was taking a shower.

Johnny previously shared that his mom and cousin, who came with his wife, said that they were so embarrassed during his solo performance that they “thought they would die.” Regardless of their reactions, it was probably nice for Johnny and his mom to reunite at the group’s concert like this!

Check out the full vlog below!



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