NCT 127 Members Name Who They Consider Their Visual Rivals In The Group

Who thinks who’s the best looking?

NCT 127 appeared on Weekly Idol, where they participated in the game segment where the members name who they consider their visual rivals in the group and compete in a game of the best visuals.

To being, the maknae Haechan boldly called out Jaehyun as his visual rival!

Jaehyun gladly got up as he claimed, “I’ll use this opportunity to beat out Haechan.” Never the one to back down, Haechan rebuked, “I’ve noticed that [Jaehyun] needs to upgrade his visuals.

Next up was Taeyong, the center visual of the group! The members began to name possible contenders, such as Jungwoo, Doyoung, and Taeil.

At the mention of his name, Taeil didn’t back down as he boldly claimed, “I can take you on.” And so the Tae-Tae brothers were named each other’s rivals!

Doyoung was the next to name his visual rival, and he confessed that he was ready to call out Taeyong’s name. “I was originally planning on naming Taeyong, so that I can beat him and stand in the center.

But considering how Taeyong was already named, the members suggested Johnny. But Doyoung named Jeongwoo as his visual rival!

And just as the two were about to butt heads, the show cut off as they revealed that the rest of the members will name their visual rivals in next week’s episode!

But considering how the game played out with the first four members, it’s going to be a hard match among these visual kings!

I mean how can anyone choose the best visuals out of this group of visual kings? Stay tuned next week to find out who named who as their visual rival!