NCT 127’s Taeyong Drives Fans Wild By Going Shirtless

He didn’t disappoint for the sexy stage.

Though NCT 127‘s Taeyong‘s track “Moonlight” was nearly a collaboration with a fellow SuperM member, the idol hasn’t disappointed fans with his sexy stage for the song during their NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour.

Taeyong | @splendor_TY/Twitter

While performing the song, Taeyong turned up the sexy by taking off his vest to go completely shirtless.

Between his vocals and the choreography, no fan was safe from Taeyong’s sexiness.

And who would’ve thought someone could make snakeskin pants and long-sleeved gloves look so good?

| @icenoona_h/Twitter

Even without seeing his face, there’s no denying how good-looking Taeyong is—especially shirtless.

Check out the sexy stage and revealing outfit that had NCTzens going wild.

Source: Twitter