NCT 127’s Yuta Reportedly Addresses Rumors Of Him Leaving NCT 127 For NCT Tokyo

Though SM Entertainment has yet to reveal its plans.

NCT 127‘s Yuta reportedly addressed the rumor that he will be leaving NCT 127 for NCT Tokyo in a recent social media update.

Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Last month, it was reported that SM Entertainment had plans to debut not one, but two new NCT units: NCT Hollywood and NCT Tokyo. The former was announced in 2021 as a project in partnership with the American media company MGM Television Worldwide Group and Digital, while NCT Tokyo was first revealed to be in the works in May 2022.

NCTzens received the news of the two new units with very mixed reactions, particularly since they had already expressed their lack of interest in NCT Hollywood upon its announcement last year.

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As news of the two new units spread, many NCTzens began to voice their concern for what they would mean for NCT’s existing 23 members. The company’s treatment of Sungchan, Shotaro, and the members of WayV, in particular, has been an issue for many fans, as they feel that SM Entertainment has failed to give these members enough opportunities and appropriate management.

The reception of NCT Tokyo, however, was more positive than that of NCT Hollywood. Many fans had fun “imagining” what NCT Hollywood will be like…

…seemingly making NCT Tokyo the preferred option.

Yet, despite the fact that news of NCT Tokyo was better received than NCT Hollywood, the new Japanese unit also presents other concerns to fans of NCT 127’s Yuta.

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Ever since the two new units were revealed to be in the works, it has been rumored that Yuta will leave NCT 127 to debut in NCT Tokyo, or maybe even lead it. While some believe that this would give him the recognition he deserves, many fans feel that this would actually be unfair to him.

Yuta has worked hard as a member of NCT 127 for years now, so NCTzens believe that it would work much better if Shotaro, who is also Japanese and still does not have a fixed unit in NCT, were to lead NCT Tokyo.

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In a recent Dear U. Bubble update, Yuta was able to address the subject of him moving to the new Japanese unit when it was brought up by a fan. But while he did not get into details, he did give a very straightforward answer: He is still a member of NCT 127.

| Dear U. Bubble via @aoichous/Twitter

Some fans found this not only amusing but also encouraging…

…especially now that SM Entertainment has announced it will hold global auditions to find members for its new NCT units. Yuta’s statement comes as reassurance of his place in NCT 127, even though his move to NCT Tokyo was only an unconfirmed rumor to begin with.

Additionally, given that SM Entertainment is looking to debut members who were born in 2001-2008, fans have pointed out that there would be too much of an age discrepancy between Yuta (who was born in 1995) and the new members, were the move to actually happen—making it even more unlikely that Yuta would move to the new unit.

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Yet, with that and Yuta’s statement in mind, we have yet to see what SM Entertainment’s plans for NCT Tokyo are. Hopefully, they will do justice to all the members, including Yuta, Shotaro, Sungchan, and the new members alike!