NCT’s Chenle Hilariously Exposes How Close He Actually Is With Jaemin, Jaehyun — And SEVENTEEN’s Jun

“Finally beating the coworkers allegations…”

In a recent live stream, NCT‘s Chenle got hilariously real about how close he actually is with some of his NCT members, as well as with SEVENTEEN‘s Jun.


Chenle is well-known for always keeping things real. In past live streams, he has made it a habit to always be very honest with fans, even about tricky subjects. In fact, he once famously ‘dumped’ his fans…

…which earned him a lot of praise, since it proved he is consciously trying to maintain a healthy boundary between him and fans.

Chenle is so honest that fans can always count on him to be a hilariously savage king. In a live stream on June 30, Chenle once again kept things super real with fans…

…dropping his own words of wisdom.

But he also spilled some TMIs, including how close he really is with his members and his friends in SEVENTEEN. While Chenle and Jaemin have gotten really close during their time in NCT DREAM, Chenle admitted that he never actually hung out with him one on one that much.

Jaemin and Chenle| SBS

But now they have been talking every day and playing computer games together.

In fact, Jaemin went to Chenle’s house recently and played with his dog, Daegal. And they were also joined by Mark and Jungwoo!

Now that they’re reportedly hanging out more together, fans can’t help but jokingly point out that Jaemin and Chenle have finally “beaten the coworker allegations.”

Similarly, fans asked Chenle what Jaehyun‘s surname is, and Chenle was able to prove his friendship with Jaehyun by confidently giving the answer.

But when it came to his SEVENTEEN bestie, Jun, Chenle hilariously threw him under the bus for not knowing his surname.

Chenle and Jun | KHCHENLE/Weibo

He related that Jun and The8 had come to visit him after their concert (which Chenle and his other members attended), and he had been shocked when Jun asked him what his surname is.

Chenle even told on Jun to Kun afterward, not neglecting to mention that Jun didn’t know fellow bestie Renjun‘s surname either. They tried to call Jun to ask if he at least knew Kun’s name (since they all have the cutest friendship), but Jun did not answer them. Soon after, Jun sent a message explaining that he was recording.

Fans were extremely amused, and not just by the fact that Chenle was seemingly out to expose his relationship with all his friends. Seeing as he mentioned that Jun was in recording, eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that from now on Chenle would also have to be monitored for SEVENTEEN spoilers, not just NCT ones.

Overall, Chenle’s live stream was classic Chenle: full of golden savage comments and plenty of teasing of the people he’s close with!