Fans Have Praised NCT’s Chenle For Always Keeping Things Real — Here Is The Hilariously Savage Way He Does It

Chenle always hitting fans with reality.

NCT‘s Chenle is known for being one hilarious, savage king. So much so, that it became an ongoing gag during an episode of Weekly Idol in which NCT DREAM guested in. But Chenle isn’t just savage with his members—he’s actually received praise from NCTzens before for always keeping things real with fans, remembering to reinforce healthy boundaries between him and them while being an encouraging (and savage) role model at the same time.

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Most recently, he did it when, after missing him for four days on Bubble, fans started to get suspicious of his absence, suggesting that perhaps he’d had his ‘Bubble privileges’ taken away by SM Entertainment.

When he reappeared, he calmed everyone down with with the most hilariously obvious explanation—he’d been busy.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh, resulting in some golden memes that perfectly encapsulate NCTzens’ relationship with Chenle.

In fact, they were also amused by the fact that the first thing Chenle did when he came on Bubble again was talk about Mark and Jisung.

But Chenle also got fans real good when he famously ‘dumped’ them on Bubble in January 2022.

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In response to some messages from fans, Chenle got super real, saying “Don’t think about marrying me all day.” He reminded everyone that, while admiring idols is good, “You have to have your own life too. Your life is more important.” This led to some hilarious reactions from NCTzens that, despite being more than just surprised at what Chenle said…

…were also really appreciative of the healthy approach he is taking to interacting with his fans.

This approach is extremely refreshing, and it makes his relationship with fans all the more genuine because it means he’s prioritizing honesty about the nature of his relationship with fans as an idol. But perhaps it’s even more encouraging to see the positive reception that fans had to Chenle’s honesty because it means they care just as much about having a relationship with healthy boundaries, one in which Chenle’s savage sense of humor, his hilarious propensity for giving spoilers…

…and his insistence on always keeping things real (even small, hilarious things like his phone sticker) are appreciated!