NCT’s Chenle Goes Viral For His Relatable Reaction To “Transit Love 2” Couples

His face = Our faces.

Transit Love, also known as EXchange, is a show that brings together 4 to 5 couples in a house. Each of them enters the house with their exes, and the show tests them to see if they will get back with their ex, or move on to a new person. Of course, jealousy and drama are rife, along with new friendships and flutters.

With the show becoming a huge hit, celebrities also tune in. The main couple that is receiving the most attention is Hyun Kyu and Hae Eun. Hae Eun spent the first half of the show in tears over her ex, Gyu Min, who seemed to have fully moved on. Viewers were delighted to see her with the new guy, Hyun Kyu.

On the other hand, Gyu Min received criticism for consistently gaslighting Hae Eun whenever she tried to find new love.

When a fan asked NCT‘s Chenle about his thoughts on the show, he reacted the same way everyone else did. He soon went viral for the difference in his expressions when talking about each couple.

The expressions’ difference when he’s talking about Hae Eun and Hyun Kyu compared to when he’s talking about Hae Eun and Gyu Min LOL. Our transaparent kitty.

β€” @k_yodo825

A fan had originally asked him to pick between a deep first love, Gyu Min and Hae Eun, versus a heart-fluttering approach by a younger man with Hyun Kyu and Hae Eun. He immediately supported the latter.

To be honest, watching it right now, I know that people can’t control their hearts as they please, right? But how I feel while watching it, I like Hyun Kyu and Hae Eun more. You’re asking if I support (Hae Eun and Gyu Min) getting back together right? But for me, I like Hyun Kyu more.

β€” Chenle

What a relatable opinion! Currently, the show is 17 episodes in. The conclusion will come in three weeks at episode 20.


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