NCT’s Chenle Shows His Appreciation For EXO D.O.’s Hard Work And Reveals How They First Met

Chenle spoke about D.O. on his radio show!

During NCT Chenle‘s latest radio show episode, he spoke about EXO D.O.‘s acting career, his new album, and how he met him for the first time!

Chenle on set for NCT DREAM’s “Hello Future” MV. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Chenle’s guest DJ Lai Lai recommended D.O.’s new single “Rose,” and described the song as “heartfelt,” pointing out that D.O. wrote the lyrics.

D.O. for his solo album, Empathy. | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

Chenle said he first met D.O. when the EXO member was preparing for his role in the 2018 musical film, Swing Kids. For his character, D.O. had to practice tap dancing as that was a main element in the film.

D.O. played Ro Ki-Soo, a North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing, in the film Swing Kids (2018).

Chenle was on his way to a practice room, and accidentally entered D.O.’s instead! So he greeted the senior idol before going to his correct room.

Members of NCT attended EXO’s concert in 2018.

He recalled that D.O. was constantly practicing tap dancing.

Lai Lai: He was practicing for that film.

Chenle: He was always practicing. He was always practicing tap dance. For a long time, I’d hear the (tap dancing noises) everyday.

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One fan pointed out that NCT had actually been on stage with EXO when the senior group won first place on M COUNTDOWN in 2016 for “Lotto,” so this was possibly the first time Chenle had met D.O. outside of a music show.

NCT DREAM and Doyoung on stage with EXO. | M2/YouTube 

Chenle and Lai Lai applauded D.O. for his professionalism and hard work as both a musician and an actor.

Check out “Rose” below!