NCT’s Doyoung Accidentally Pressed Like On An Instagram Post About BLACKPINK Jennie And Left A Read Receipt On A Fan’s DM All In The Same Day

He’s still unfamiliar with Instagram.

NCT‘s Doyoung recently opened his personal Instagram, and it seems that he’s still unfamiliar with the app.

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From not knowing how to edit captions to being unfamiliar with the tagging system, fans think it’s adorable how he’s still stumbling with technology.

Recently, an online forum noted that he had accidentally pressed like on an Instagram post about BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. The post itself was one by @idolissue that discussed Jennie’s different bangs hairstyles.

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Although he had quickly pressed unlike, eagle-eyed fans had managed to catch it before he did. It can be noted that the @idolissue account had also posted news about Doyoung and his actor brother, Gongmyung, as well as other posts about his fellow NCT members. Fans speculate that he was probably scrolling on the page when he pressed like by mistake.

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Fans are finding his mistake a given since he’s a newbie to the gram.Β He also accidentally accepted a fan’s DM request on the same day as seen by her read receipt. Although idols may read their DMs, they often do not accept the request. Other fans have been commenting that they’re jealous as a fellow fan!

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Not to worry, he’ll only get better at using the app with time! Check out his personal Instagram at @do0_nct, where he has recently hit over 2 million followers.


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이 사진 πŸ“· μ—μ„œλŠ” λ…Έλž˜ 🎀 κ°€ λ‚˜μ™€μš”.

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