NCT Dream Is Booked And Busy As The New Ambassadors For Cosmetics Brand Candylab

We predict items selling out.

While their older counterparts, NCT 127, are the new endorsement models for Nature Republic, NCT Dream have also booked themselves a contract with up and coming cosmetics brand, Candylab. While the brand has yet to release full blown coverage of the boys endorsing their products, eagle-eyed fans have managed to deduce the hints.

Candylab posted about their new muses, using not only neon green hearts, the heart color of choice that NCT always uses due to it being their official fanclub color, they also input the emojis for puppy, mouse, dolphin, rabbit and fox. These emojis are often used by the members to describe themselves.

For a week they had been teasing videos of their new muses with the faces covered. However, it was about as obvious as day that these where none other than the members of NCT Dream. This was probably in part due to the distinctive hair colors each member has. This blueish silver hair was a 100% Jaemin.

Fans could immediately tell that this was Renjun, due to the pinkish hair. The boys were also rumored to have been shooting for a cosmetics brand as early as mid-June, when a post on an online community site that revealed the boys were shooting for a “drug store brand” spread like wildfire.

On the 3rd of August, the brand revealed via their official Twitter page, a teaser video for their new muses. The brand will be posting a teaser video each day for the following two weeks. Today’s teaser with their faces revealed, only made it certain that the boys of NCT Dream were the new models.

| @candylab_kr/Twitter

These distinctive eyes and lips belong to none other than Jisung. The brand will be releasing their new lip line, creampop, soon. It seems that it will make their debut on the boys.

| @candylab_kr/Twitter

Fans are extremely excited about this development. Candylab is a brand that focuses on color cosmetics, including eyeshadows and lip tints. The overall image is bright and cheerful, suited to the youthful charms of NCT Dream.