NCT Dream Reveals They Monitor The Chart Results Every 30 Minutes — Here’s What They’ve Been Doing

They finally answer the question fans have been dying to know — did Jisung cry?

NCT Dream recently made an appearance on MBC FM4U‘s Jung Oh’s Hope Song, This Is Kim Shin Young. They came on to promote their latest comeback, “Hot Sauce”. As previously reported, “Hot Sauce” achieved phenomenal results, with over 1.7 million copies sold in pre-sales and over 48 million views in less than 24 hours of their music video drop.

MC Kim Shin Young asked the boys how they felt about the comeback and their success. Mark revealed that the members did not care about the chart results at first. However, now, they check the charts every 30 minutes when it refreshes and send the results to the group chat. Renjun similarly shared that they simply had the goal of promoting happily and positively without caring about the results at first. However, as they began to realize the immense response they were receiving, they all began observing the results from then on.

| SM Entertainment

Fans were curious about Jisung, who is known to be the baby of the group. As he cried three years ago when their album was released and when their previous comeback hit #1, fans wanted to know if he cried again this time. Jeno had promised on Dear U. Bubble, to let fans know if it happened. However, Jisung did not shed tears this time. Perhaps feeling bad, Jisung compromised by sharing with fans that he cried in his dreams! What an adorable boy.

We know we’re loving us some “Hot Sauce”! Catch their radio appearance below.


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