NCT’s Chenle Opens An Instagram Account And Proves Why He Is The Biggest Stephen Curry Fan Yet Again

Because of course Chenle did!

NCT’s Chenle is the biggest fan of the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry. His love for the basketball star and the team is so strong that even non NCTzens know how big of a fan he is!

NCT’s Chenle

| NCT/YouTube 

Chenle has made his love of the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry obvious a number of times. Chenle is arguably the most successful fan because he has been noticed not only by the official Warriors accounts but also by Stephen Curry himself!

Recently, Chenle opened his own long-awaited personal Instagram account and proved yet again how much he loves the team.

When idols usually make their own Instagram accounts, the first people they follow are members of their group and their company. In Chenle’s case, there was someone he was much more excited to follow first, and it is none other than his favorite basketball star (and team), Stephen Curry!

Chenle previously discussed opening his own account after NCT’s Jeno opened his earlier this month. In the live stream, he even said that a big reason why he would open the account is not to share photos, but to be able to directly message (DM) Stephen Curry from his account!

Why do I want to open an Instagram account? It’s because I want to send DMs to Curry hahaha  I want to get in touch with him. […] This is 60 percent of the reason why I want to open an Instagram account.

— NCT’s Chenle

Fans are not surprised in the least that he followed the Warriors and Stephen Curry before his members and probably expected the behavior from him. Even Haechan even seemed to agree that he would also follow Curry first and understood why Chenle did so!

Once his account is verified Chenle has an even better chance of getting noticed by Stephen Curry again. Hopefully, Chenle is able to slide into the DMs and get one step closer to his dream of performing at Warriors stadium (or at least get a follow back)!