NCT DREAM’s Haechan Breaks Down Why “Hot Sauce” Was So Successful And Their Goal With “Hello Future”

This is why NCT have such great results!

During an interview with Lee Young Ji on her series Hip PladioNCT DREAM member Haechan broke down the group’s recent growth and success.

From left to right: Haechan, Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Renjun, Chenle, Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When speaking about the success of their first full-length album, Hot Sauce, Haechan said that they were successful because they were able to show fans their unique chemistry and strengths.

The product has to be great in order to win 1st place and get good results. I think it’s not right to not even do that and expect to get 1st place and good results. We just want to show the chemistry that only the 7 of us have and the strengths that NCT DREAM has.

— Haechan

Haechan explaining their thought process behind “Hot Sauce.” 

Haechan said he felt “a little proud” after seeing the good results because it meant that their message was “well-delivered.”

Lee Young Ji praised NCT for always trying “different things every time” and diving “into various genres.”

Lee Young Ji interviewed NCT DREAM. 

Even Jisung applauded Haechan for his eloquent response about the intent behind Hot Sauce!

Lee Young Ji agreed and said that she and Haechan should have changed roles so he could host!

After hearing Renjun‘s mature approach to measuring success and Haechan’s thoughtful explanation, Lee Young Ji said, “The reason NCT can’t help but have great results is the mindset the usually have.”

She then asked the group if they would approach Hello Future promotions with this same mindset.

Haechan explained that the points they want to show fans through Hello Future are different than they were for Hot Sauce.

Haechan: I think there’s a bit more with the repackage album.

Lee Young Ji: Oh, ambition?

Haechan: Not ambition. Rather, people usually place more expectation and effort on the full album. But for our repackage album […] we tried to express the image our fans want and what they would imagine when they think of NCT DREAM, so we prepared songs with that in mind.

Haechan summed up their goal with the repackage album with these thoughts: “Let’s enjoy it more. Let’s communicate more with our fans.”

Check out the interview clip here!