NCT Dream Jaemin’s Fansite Gets Accused Of Being A Sasaeng After Uploading Photos Of Him At A Video Call Fansign

“Did they climb a tree or transform into a fly?”

NCT has been facing trouble with sasaengs (stalker fans) lately. It became an issue recently when fansites waited outside a private wedding venue to take photos of NCT, who had gone as guests.

The flames were fanned yet again when a fansite for NCT Dream‘s Jaemin, 8 flavor released belated photographs of Jaemin during a video call fan sign event.

According to the date in the caption, the fansite had taken the photos on October 23, 2020. Many began questioning why they chose to upload it at this point in time.

As fans would know, video call fan signs are held through messenger apps such as KakaoTalk or WeChat. The idols would carry out the calls from the comfort of their company buildings or a private venue. No one knows how 8 flavor managed to obtain such photographs.

Comments from disgusted fans both locally and globally, include,

  • “This is so creepy.”
  • “How did they take those?”
  • “Did they climb a tree or transform into a fly?”
  • “What good comes of releasing or taking this?”

This is not the first time NCT has faced trouble with sasaengs. Previously, the boys called out sasaengs camping outside their dorms.

Source: Twitter