SM Entertainment Under Fire For “Unfair” Treatment Of NCT DREAM’s Jaemin

Fans noticed he was being treated differently.

NCT DREAM recently held a fan signing in Qingdao to meet Chinese fans who were excited to see them. Unfortunately, the event turned sour for some fans due to an incident involving SM Entertainment‘s staff.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Fans noticed that Jaemin received “unfair” treatment compared to the other members.


During the event, fans noticed that Jeno and Jisung, the members beside Jaemin, were wearing headbands and accessories that were gifted by fans.

That stood out to fans because it was a stark comparison to Jaemin, who wasn’t filmed wearing anything gifted by fans. Instead, NCTzens captured moments where the idol was pouting and had nothing to do. Fans who attended the event shared the reason why.

Despite fans bringing gifts for all seven members, it was revealed that the staff had taken the gifts specifically for Jaemin and wouldn’t let him accept them. One of Jaemin’s most popular fansites even shared their experience of bringing Jaemin multiple headbands but was sad when staff immediately took them away from him.

The staff’s treatment of Jaemin further angered fans when seeing him keep his smile to interact with NCTzens.

Fans didn’t let the incident go under the radar. They voiced their anger at SM Entertainment by trending the hashtags #JaeminDeservesBetter and #SM_BeFairToJaemin to call attention to it.

Fans also took matters into their own hands by editing headbands onto images of Jaemin from the fan signing.