NCT DREAM’s Jeno Goes Viral After Debuting A New Hair Color And Style — And Looks Hotter Than Ever

He looks too 🔥.

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno has often attracted attention for his model-worthy good looks. In fact, Jeno has even walked on an actual fashion week runway, proving his visual status.


Over the last year, since his vibrant pink hairstyle for “Glitch Mode,” and a brief blue during “Beat Box,” Jeno has been rocking black hair in various lengths — from shaved sides to the more recent long and shaggy style.

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NCT DREAM have not yet announced a comeback, so fans were surprised when they got hints that Jeno had dramatically changed his hairstyle!

NCT DREAM recently began the Europe and North American portions of their world tour The Dream Show 2, and departed from Korea, heading to London. Fans immediately noticed that Jaemin was sporting a new hair color…

…but were surprised to see that Jeno had his head completely covered with a black beanie and hoodie!


Usually, in the K-Pop world, this means an artist has made a significant change to their hair and wants it to remain a surprise until their comeback or a specific event.

Fans pondered what the change could be, remembering times when the idol had crazy hair colors like blue and silver. Some even recalled when the star bleached his head, wondering if that would be what he did.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Their questions were answered once the group’s concert in London began! As fans began sharing photos from the show’s start, it was revealed that Jeno did indeed go blond!

| @poplikes0da/Twitter

Fans have been going crazy for the look, especially in Jeno’s legendary black cut-out outfit.

Jeno’s name even topped trends with this unexpected hair change!

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| Twitter

We can’t help but agree that Jeno looks incredibly hot!


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